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Watch Dogs Gameplay Trailer 2014 Game Review

UbisoftDeveloper:            Ubisoft Montreal
Publisher:                 Ubisoft
Genre:                   Action, Adventure.
Release date:          27 May 2014

When Watch Dogs trailer is released, There were many rumors raised saying it’s somewhat similar to Sleeping Dogs. Now the game is in our hands and yeah! Rumors were absolutely wrong. Watch Dog is an open world action cum adventure game from Ubisoft which makes you feel excited with its game play and storyline.

Aiden Pearce (Noam Jenkins) was involved in a robbery which didn’t go success. After this failed robbery, things gone bad. His niece is murdered by some gang members. This made the talented grey hat hacker reaches Chicago for revenge. But his fixer partner Jordi Chin asks him to find the hacker guy who ruined their robbery. When Aiden declined to join, Chin was forced to kidnap his sister and compels him to find the hacker guy. Later on Aiden with the help of a fellow hacker Clara Lille he manages to make some plans to fulfil his revenge. Game starts more interesting from here.

You will be playing the role of Aiden Pearce throughout the game. Game takes place in Chicago where Pearce will be doing all hacking stuffs using Applications installed in his smartphone. There are two applications installed in his in-game smartphone. They are “Profiler” and the “crime prevention system”. Details of each and every person will be displayed using “Profiler” and if any civilian is about to commit a crime, then second app will give you a notification. Also some local missions are available to the player at some intervals along with its interesting online multi-player mode. Unlike from other games, Watch dogs gives maximum reality to the character and make feel real. For instance, you can stop trains and make shooting scenes look like slow motion by controlling time. May be the disappointment will be with minimum system requirements needed to play this game.

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