Tesla Effect: a Tex Murphy Adventure Game Review

Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy AdventureDeveloper:                   Big Finish Games
Publisher:                    Atlus
Genre:                             Adventure
Release date:              May 7, 2014

Tesla effect: A Tex Murphy adventure is an action cum adventure based game which is developed by Big Finish games and published by Atlus studios. The game is only available for PC platforms like windows, Mac OS and Linux. Tesla effect is the 6th instalment to the Tex Murphy series.

The story narrates as continuation of the predecessor Tex murphy: Overseer. In the end of overseer, Tex Murphy and his wife Chelsee Bando has been attacked. After 7 years Tex suddenly awakens from deep sleep and not able to imagine what happened to him or to his family. Only clue about what happened is some strange markings on his body. Using those marking, he came to know that his wife has been killed. Throughout each phase of the story he regains his memory and finally finds out the culprits. The story continuous in the investigation form which is similar to other series.

This is basically a first person game but not shooter one. The player can navigate in the environment in order to investigate and find some clues. Also the player will be able to interact with the environment which makes the investigation simpler. While playing some missions you have to sole some riddles or puzzles. Also there is some video sequences throughout the game which is used to visualize Tex Murphy’s memory. With the help of some high intense 3D graphics the developers tried to make the game more realistic and interesting one.

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