Sleeping Dogs Gameplay PC Game Review and Official Trailer

square-enixDeveloper:           United Front Games
Publisher:            Square Enix
Genre:                   Action, Adventure.
Release date:      August 14, 2012

Sleeping Dogs is the first part in the Sleeping Dog Series. It’s an open world action cum adventure game somewhat similar to Grand Theft Auto. What makes sleeping dogs addictive from other game is player will be able to play in two roles or given with two kinds of missions: Triad missions and also Police missions.

Sleeping Dogs Gameplay PC Game ReviewGame starts in Hong Kong as Wei Shen is a Drug smuggler and gets busted. Then he reveals himself as undercover police officer to Raymond Mark, another officer. Actually this bust was to make a contact with Jackie Ma. With the help of Jackie, he joins the local gang and gets introduced to Winston Chu. Winston is the leader of a gang named Water Street. He uses Wei to fight against Dogeyes.

Winston gets attacked by a Triad Gang, ”18k” but this time it’s on his wedding day. Winston and bride gets shot during wedding. By this time Uncle Po gets hospitalised and when Wei tried to help him get outside the hospital, Uncle Po makes him the local leader of the gang, Succeeding Winston. By seeing all these, police starts to doubt Wei as he is really getting mentally involved with Triad Gang. This brings some confusion and then game continues without any lag in story line.

Player has the ability to climb over walls, swim, drive vehicles, use weapons, practice Martial Arts and able to use them on real fighting scenes. Slow motion shooting is one of main attraction. While driving, Wei can jump over other vehicles and use them. This control is introduced during Birthday Cake delivery mission. Player can also use environment to attack the opponent.

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Sleeping Dogs Gameplay PC Game Review and Official Trailer, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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