Outlast Whistleblower Games Review and Reveal Trailer

OUTLAST: WHISTLEBLOWER games reviewDeveloper:             Red Barrels Games
Publisher:               Red Barrels Games
Genre:                       Survival horror
Release date:         May 6, 2014

Outlast Whistleblower is the extended Downloadable Content (DLC) for the game Outlast. Game tries to reveal the reasons of the Asylum outbreak and showing some scenes after the death of Miles. After seeing the continuous torture from Eddie Gluskin, Waylon Park a Software engineer who works for Murkoff Corporation at Mount Massive decides to send a mail. Mail indicates about the corruption taking place in Mount Massive. But Park gets caught by one of the employer and he escapes with a camcorder. Park then happen to see how Gluskin tortures male prisoners before killing them. Seeing this Gluskin tries to kill him, Park somehow manages with multiple ropes and then escapes. At last he makes a contact with higher organisation and then uploads the video recorded in camcorder making lives of his family to threat.

Those who played Outlast, must have an experience that each and every combat is almost impossible. Similar case you can experience in Whistleblower DLC also. Player can run and also hide under bed, locker in dark places making enemy hard to find. Player won’t be having access to weapons. But he can carry a battery operated Camcorder. This camcorder has the ability to see in darkness.

When battery charge becomes lower, player has to find batteries from nearby places. During the filming, player writes in his notebook book about things happening around. Also player can collect scattered documents in blue folder written “CONFIDENTIAL“. These documents will help him make background stories about each character he is about to meet. In all ways, Outlast: Whistleblower gives you excitement and scary feel throughout the game.

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