Brocken Age Game Review: New Adventure Game

1865502-ironbrigade_dev_logoDeveloper:            Double Fine Productions
Publisher:             Double Fine Productions
Genre:                     Point-and-click, Adventure
Release Date:      January 28, 2014

Broken age is a complete different genre game which we usually see on different platforms. It is a point and click adventure game. The game was developed and published by double fine productions. The game is available for different platforms like windows, Mac OS, android, Linux and iOS. The game is planned to release in 2 phase’s. The first one has been already released in January and the 2nd phase is on its way.

The main characters in the game is Vella Tartine and Shay Volta. Vella Tartine is a teenager who has been chosen to wake the beast which was buried underground for a long time. But she managed to escape. During this escape she was attacked by a giant creature called Mog Chothra. She came to know that destruction of Mog Chothra will put an end to all the ritual practices that has been followed in different small towns.

BROKEN AGE games reviewDuring her travel she helped a pilot from an ancient spaceship which was destroyed for a long time ago. The pilot agreed to provide sufficient firepower in order to destroy the Mog Chothra. Shay Volta who is the 2nd character was on a human incubator on that space ship for a long time. He also agreed to help Vella Tartine. The 1st phase of the game ends when Vella Tartine and Mog Chothra come face to face and she recognize that the creature is being operated mechanically. At the time of combat she accidently got stuck inside Mog Chothra. As said earlier the game is a point and click adventure game where the player will be able to play as both the character at the same time. But they are not directly contacted each other.

As a final verdict the game is really addicting and have a tones of interactive features.

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Brocken Age Game Review: New Adventure Game , 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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