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Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag: Game Review

UbisoftPublisher:    Ubisoft
Developer:    Ubisoft Montreal
Genre:              Action,  Adventure
Release Date:
US: October 29, 2013

Game Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag has completely different story which set primarily on and around the islands in the Caribbean Sea during the Golden Age of Piracy in the early eighteenth century, with the three major cities consisting of Havana, Nassau and Kingston.

Biological samples obtained from Desmond Miles’ body in the moments immediately after his death get enabled Abstergo Industries to continue to explore his genetic memories using the Animus’ newfound cloud computing abilities.In this particular unnamed player character is hired by Abstergo Entertainment to sift through the memories of Edward Kenway, an eighteenth-century pirate and the grandfather of Ratonhnhakéton. this is to gather material for an Animus-powered interactive feature film, but in reality, Abstergo and the Templars are searching for the Observatory, a Precursor structure that allows the user to see through the eyes of a subject whose blood has been procured.

Seeing that Kenway,player ought to unravel some sort of conspiracy theory in between high-ranking Templars within the English, Spanish and France empires who, underneath the guise involving cleaning piracy inside Caribbean, have used their positions to locate the Sage – later identified as Bartholomew Roberts – who is the only man that can lead them to the Observatory, which they intend to use to spy on and blackmail world leaders.Kenway becomes an unwitting player in their plot when he kills a rogue Assassin planning to defect to the Templars and assumes his identity. His recklessness endangers the entire Assassins’ Order, prompting him to pursue the Sage and the conspirators from the Yucatán Peninsula to Príncipe and the African coast.

At the same time, a band of notorious pirates – such as Edward “Blackbeard” Thatch, Benjamin Hornigold along with Charles Vane, and the like – among others – busy in their dreams of a state where each and every person is free to live beyond the reach of kings and rulers. Kenway is instrumental in realising this dream and a free “Pirate Republic” is established in the colony of Nassau. However, poor governance, a lack of an economy and an outbreak of disease bring the colony dangerously close to collapse. As the founders become deeply divided over every issue, Kenway makes an attempt to locate a solution, but is too late and hard to stop the Templars from taking advantage of the situation to consolidate their control over the Caribbean.

Eventually, Kenway and Roberts uncover the location of the Observatory and retrieve the artifact powering it, but Kenway is betrayed at the last moment. After a brief stint in prison for the crimes of piracy, Edward manages to escapes with the aid of Ah Tabai, the Assassin Mentor, and elects to join their Order. Chasing down Roberts, Kenway retrieves the artifact and returns it to the Observatory, sealing it away for good. He is left facing an uncertain future with his newfound convictions until he receives a letter informing him of the passing of his wife and the imminent arrival of his hitherto unknown daughter, Jennifer Scott.

Now day, the player is actually contacted by John, Abstergo Entertainment’s it administrator. John convinces the player that their employer knows more private information than they are telling us, and encouragespromotes them to investigate in more detail. He manages for the player to access the Animus’core, where Juno materialises into an incorporeal form. She reveals that although it was must to open her temple to avert disaster, the entire world was not ready for her, and she is unable to affect it or possess the player character as her agents intended.

John is unmasked as the reincarnated form of the Sage and tries to murder the player to cover up the failed attempt at resurrecting Juno, but is killed by Abstergo’s security before he can do so. As Roberts, the Sage admits to Kenway that he owes no allegiance to the Assassins or the Templars and instead uses whoever he thinks represents his best chance of achieving his ends. With the Sage dead, the player is contacted by the Assassins as they continue their infiltration of Abstergo, but neither side is able to explain the Sage’s presence or identify his followers.

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